Run Yourself Strong

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Anyone looking to improve their health… Discover a total guide to running to improve your fitness, lose weight and increase mental strength. This is the ultimate guide to running to become fitter, leaner, healthier, thinner, firmer And more confident. Losing weight is not complicated.

Getting into the best shape of your life, that’s not complicated either. All you need to do is start running. The human body evolved to run.

Running not only burns calories, but it’s also great for your brain, but it also releases endorphins and it improves your energy metabolism.

Perhaps most importantly, it strengthens your heart leading to a lower resting pulse and a calmer, more energetic you.

What you’ll discover in this training:

  • Why running is SO good for you.
  • How to start running so that you finish.
  • How to make running work around your busy schedule.
  • How to avoid injury and keep yourself on-track.
  • Correct running techniques explained.
  • How to run with the perfect technique.
  • The best running equipment and gear for runners.
  • How to incorporate HIIT for rapid weight loss.
  • How to train for a marathon.
  • How to support running with the right food and diet.
  • How to stay committed with running.
  • Advanced running techniques – fasted cardio, trail running, resistance, and going barefoot.
  • And much, much more!