Bulk Up Fast

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Do you want to build muscle and Bulk Up? Discover how to quickly build muscle and Bulk Up FAST!

The right way… Have you ever tried to bulk up? Although the concept of building your muscle mass seems simple on the surface, most people find it a lot harder to get to the size that they want

The quest to get ripped usually starts with a gym membership. But going to the gym is just the beginning, and it’s a small part of the overall equation. To get bulked up like the hulk, you also need to get your diet right…

Make sure you’re doing the right exercises on the right days. Take the right supplements and set attainable muscle-gaining goals.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside…

– What your genetic potential for gaining muscle is and how to get the most out of your specific body type.
– What BMI is and why it’s important.
– How to calculate your AMR and BMR.
– Why having a calorie surplus is so important and how to maintain a caloric surplus.
– The exact formula to determine how many calories you actually need.
– Why protein is the key to more energy, bigger muscles, and faster results.
– The importance that nutrients and hormones play in your muscle-building.
– The hormonal element that can prevent you from getting the gains you want and how to turn things around in the right direction.
– Eating tips that will help you bulk up as quickly as possible.
– When you should add supplements to your regimen, and the exact supplements you should be looking at.
– An overview of the workouts that build muscles the fastest.
– How training builds muscle.
– How to lift for size.
– The right way to put a lifting program in place is to avoid injury and get the biggest muscles possible.
– Tips for bulking up from home.
– How to dress to look stronger.
– How to focus on muscles that will create the biggest visual impact and strength gains.
– Plus, a whole lot more.